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Mecànica  Cairó takes over 60s machining and assembling parts and mechanisms, which allows us to offer to the market a wide experience that meets the needs of customers, providing high quality.

Mecànica Cairó we guide and adapt our mechanical knowledge to each of our clients to create the product that perfectly fits your needs.

The effort to improve ourselves and the close cooperation with our customers throughout our history have made it possible that we could include in addition different fields on four divisions: TEMPERATURE, FLOW, MACHINING and ASSEMBLY AND SPECIFIC, mainly related to instrumentation through APLITEX brand. A brand recognized as a symbol of Quality. Innovation and the adaptation of  New Technologies, are cornerstones in our company which, adapting them to our processes of manufacturing and machining, allowed us to be at the forefront with new engineering projects.

All this together with our qualified team makes that Mecànica Cairó Aplitex is a leading company in the sector of mechanization of stainless steel, corrosion, heat-resistant alloys weakly alloyed resistant to the creep. Hastelloy, Monel, Inconel, titanium and others.